Unbelievable! Mbappe cursed by France teammates?


People may have expected Pogba to be unreliable, but they didn’t expect him to be so outrageous. Don’t get me wrong because of what he did well on the pitch, but because of the absurd farce between him and his brother that even involved Mbappe. A few days ago, his older brother said his younger brother Pogba, who had asked the wizard to cast a spell on Mbappe… sorry? What?


When I first saw this news, I thought I was reading it wrong, but it seems that there is such a thing. But so far, there is no definite evidence to prove that Pogba really did this, we can tell this thing objectively.

Not long ago, his brother personally stated on social media that he would expose some black material about his brother. Immediately afterwards, he really revealed a piece of confusing news: he claimed that his younger brother asked a wizard to cast a spell on French player Mbappe.

As for his brother’s accusation, Pogba immediately denied and fought back. Pogba said that he has been blackmailed by his brother and friend for a long time, claiming that the other party and some criminal groups have teamed up to blackmail him. He has filed a police report to it.


According to the alleged insider, there appears to be a video that may confirm this. Regarding this matter, in addition to whether the spell is really effective, what really matters is whether Pogba really did it. If Pogba does this, it will be very serious. Because this is the crux of the matter, this is a very serious internal strife, which greatly affects the harmony of the team. Pogba could end his national team career as a result.

Mbappe’s mother is watching the matter closely. In addition, France coach Deschamps is also worried about whether the incident will affect the relationship between Pogba and Mbappe, thereby affecting the performance of the French team in the World Cup.


That accusation obviously created headlines, and Mbappe himself is confused and keen for answers.

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