Protests in the World Cup, Iran is showing their attitude to the world


In this year’s World Cup, in addition to the attention-grabbing performances of various countries and stars, there is another thing that has also attracted people’s attention. That’s the protest of the Iranian people, and I’m sure you’ve all heard about it.

The team’s players stood silent when their national anthem played before their kickoff match, which ended in a loss to England. However, it can be a dangerous proposition for soccer players in Iran to overtly protest. At least one professional soccer player in Iran, Voria Ghafouri, has been fired from his team and arrested for supporting protests.

The World Cup match between Iran and the United States on Tuesday was charged with emotion among Iranian fans, some of whom had come to Qatar not only to support their team, but the protest movement back home.

“They can’t stop us. People are getting killed, and I’m not going to get stopped by some random guy. I’m not afraid of them,” Maryam said. She, like other Iranian fans, declined to give her last name out of fear of government reprisals

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