Neymar has become the latest player to move to Saudi Arabia


Neymar has become the latest player to move to Saudi Arabia creating a huge buzz in the soccer world. The talented Brazilian player, who used to wear the famous jersey of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the respected French Ligue 1, is now getting ready to join the Saudi Arabian team Al-Hilal. During his amazing six years at PSG, Neymar played in a remarkable 173 matches, impressively scoring 118 goals and assisting in 77.

 Al-Hilal revealed some news that caused a stir in the soccer world: “Neymar has officially signed a contract for two years.” This important announcement not only confirms the growing trend of famous soccer stars joining the Saudi Professional League, but also shows how the soccer world is changing.

After the well-known Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Saudi Professional League earlier this year, and with other famous players like Frenchman Karim Benzema and Senegalese star Sadio Mané, Neymar has become the latest player to move to Saudi Arabia. Neymar is also becoming part of this special group.

As we all wait excitedly, the moment is approaching when Neymar, who is now with Al-Hilal, will talk to fans. He’ll be wearing the number 10 jersey at the King Fahd International Stadium. What makes this even more exciting is that the number 10 jerseys sold out super quickly in Brazil after they were shown to the public. Neymar’s move from PSG to Al-Hilal cost a lot, £86.3 million! And his salary in Saudi Arabia will be a huge £129.4 million. This is six times more than what he earned at PSG. This big change shows how Neymar’s career is taking an interesting turn, and it also shows how much soccer matters in Saudi Arabia.

Neymar JR 10

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