Are Neymar and his ex back together?


February 5th is Neymar‘s birthday, which is a very important day. He shared dozens of congratulatory messages he had received on social media. However, one of the congratulatory messages, or rather several of the photos, has drawn a lot of attention. Because it seems that Neymar has reunited with his predecessor Bruna Biancardi.

Congratulations, gorgeous! I’ve already told you everything today, but I’ll put this photo for you for the record. May your new year be wonderful and full of blessings. You do not lack reasons to celebrate, friends by your side, achievements, many goals and good health. May God continue to protect our relationship. I love you! You can always count on me,” wrote Biancardi.

Although Neymar and Bruna Biancardi ended their relationship in August of 2020, she shared a photo of herself kissing the footballer to celebrate his 31st birthday this past week. “May God continue to protect our relationship, I love you, you can always count on me,” she wrote as the caption, suggesting they may be back together.

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